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Held annually, the 5th Underwater Festival™ 2011 (UF11) was the biggest one yet. With the tagline 'The Australasia Challenge' it incorporated an Australasia-wide simultaneous photo and video shootout competition like no other with nearly U$150,000 in prizes.

Submissions are now closed and judging has been finalised. We are excited to show the top100 photo gallery - these are like 'nominations' for the big prizes. Th Underwater Festival Awards was presented on 8 October at ODEX. Check out the emerging Underwater Snapshot Map - currently showing the location and a thumbnail version of selected entries from around the region.

The Underwater festival Awards presentation with all winning images as well as the top 10 video in full quality have been uploaded to the Underwater Festival Winners Album on vimeo.

Please check out the Winning Photos and Winning Videos and you can see other entries from any of the photographers that have made it into the top100 by clicking on their name.

We also have a press release published on underwater australasia which gives an easy overview over all the top prize winners.

Underwater Snapshot Map - Click

UF11 features a shootout competition that happens simultaneous all over Australasia - 25 countries spanning both hemispheres - every dive you can imagine is a shootout locality, every dive centre, liveaboard, resort in the area can facilitate this new kind of shootout. You can dive your local favourite spots, go out with your dive club or shore dive with your buddy

Become part of this huge event and not unlike an underwater 'Earth Hour' help to highlight the underwater beauty but also the underwater issues of this fantastic bioregion and help to show the world what we've got to lose.

Mark these days in your calendar - 10 days to shoot - from the 2nd to the 11th of September 2011.

If you like organised events, dozens of Underwater Festival Fringe Events are planned all over Australasia during the 10-day shootout period.

The top 100 images will be showcased at the new Australian Dive & Ecotourism Expo ODEX in Brisbane on the second weekend in October 2011. A whole hall will be devoted to the Festival and seminars as well as the Underwater Festival Awards will be held during the 3 days of ODEX 2011.