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Underwater Festival Blog

FREE seminar by underwater Photo legend Lawrence Alex Wu

Multi award winning underwater photographer Lawrence Alex Wu who has come over from Bangkok to give a series of Underwater Photographic Workshops as part of the 2011 Underwater Festival will be presenting a FREE seminar on Thursday titled 'Strobeless Underwater Photography'

Please RSVP to

When: Thursday 8 ...

Time to stop and think

Over here in Western Australia, we are reeling from another fatal shark attack. 

This one happened yesterday, early afternoon, on the popular tourist beach of Bunker Bay near Dunsborough.  The young man was bodyboarding at popular surf spot The Boneyards when he was tragically taken.  Whilst the shark wasn't ...

Underwater Festival Road Trip Day 4

Disaster strikes

Exhaustion - after four days of diving and driving - has taken its toll, with Nick picking up his housing by the strobe arm, which wasn't locked, and dropping his housing on to the floor at Sundive in Byron Bay. Luckily, only the plastic dome port clips broke.

So ...

An unexpected and rare treat..

While some people are daunted by a 6am start to diving, it paid off today with a rare and unexpected visit by a Mola Mola. It was a quick 'hi, how you doing? I'm off again' visit but made a great start to the day.

I also continued my ...

Underwater Festival Road Trip Day 3

Whales, dolphins and sharks - oh my!

the crew at South West Rocks 

Day three of our road trip at South West Rocks was a cracker.


The guys at South West Rocks Dive Centre sorted us out with tanks and weights and it was off to the marina to launch the boat.

the boat

Blue skies, calm seas and ...

The good, the bad and the ugly

The Good-Three, yes three ghost pipefish at one location! Woo Hoo. The Bad-Camera strobe dying just as I found them, Doh! The Ugly-Bumphead parrotfish at this mornings dive. Oh well, will just have to go diving again tomorrow.

How's the vis?

In two words - not good!

My hair is still wet and the photos are yet to be downloaded, having just returned home from a shore dive at Ammunition Jetty at Woodman Point, south of Fremantle.  Three WA Underwater Photographic Society members decided on an early dive given Father's Day ...

Underwater Festival Road Trip Day 2

Good morning Nelson Bay.....

We woke up at Jim and Cherie's place, our dive buddies and local guides for this leg of the trip. Nick chose to give the Jucy van's "penthouse" a try and doubled as guard dog for all of our dive gear.

Nick van


It was a ...

Teaching and learning

A great day of teaching and learning over here in Perth.

Joseph Bicanic walked us through his underwater videography journey and shared hints and tips for video.  Behaviour is one of the things that video captures so well - from a fish snatching it's prey to a squid flashing it ...

Liberty Wreck and Schooling Jacks

An early start at 6.30am, considering this is also supposed to be a holiday. Liberty Wreck before the masses didn't disappoint with schooling jacks and great visibility. It's great to be back in the water. Hoping everyone else is having a great and safe festival so far!

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